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One step steel supplier, massive inventory, one-step procurement, support product customization

About Us

Cron Metals is a company that offers a diverse range of export products, including stainless steel series, alloy products, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates, marine steel plates, wear-resistant steel plates, structural steel plates, galvanized steel plates, tinplates, color-coated steel plates, aluminium alloys, aluminium profiles, and copper products. These products find extensive usage in various fields such as infrastructure, aerospace, medical, petroleum, electric power, chemical, coal, and machinery.

Why Choose Us

High quality

We offer high quality stainless steel products, each manufactured to formal standards and tested by various authorities.

Safe and efficient transport

We support all modes of transport and ensure that our products are delivered to our customers intact and within the required time frame.

Promise two-year guarantee period

We have a professional after-sales team to solve customers' doubts and confusion. Once the product is sold, it is Promise two-year guarantee period

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